Language Objects - Starter Set

Language Objects - Starter Set


Language objects are used for a variety of engaging language activities to help toddlers and preschoolers learn the alphabet letter sounds, develop phonemic awareness and eventually learn to write and read. Quickly build a collection of high quality and unique language objects with this curated starter set. 

  • 75 Language Objects Included in Starter Set: amethyst, apple, axe, balloon, bell, bulb, bun, candy cane, clip, crown, cube, daisy, domino, dough, egg (or pan), ellipse, emery board, feather, felt, fern, fork, funnel, gear, gift (or present), glitter, grid, hamburger, hammer, hanger, hinge, igloo, jar, jug, key, king (mini playing card), kiwi, lace, leaf, level, mat (or rug), marble, mug, napkin, nut, octopus, omelette, painting, pasta (or spaghetti), pumpkin, puzzle piece, pylon, quartz, queen (mini playing card), raspberry, ribbon, rose, seashell, scissors, sponge, spring, tile (or hexagon), teapot (or kettle), tray, ultrasound, umbrella, vase, velcro, violin, waffle, wheel, worm, yarn, yoyo, zero, zipper. The color of some language objects (e.g., balloon, domino, mini playing cards) may vary. The lids of the glass vials of glitter and pasta are glued to prevent spills. 

Warning: These language objects are a choking hazard due to small parts. Must be used with adult supervision.  

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